Unborn Jesus Our Hope


Dr. Donald DeMarco
Prof. Emeritus:St. Jerome’s University

Adjunct Prof: Holy Apostles College & Seminary,
Mater Ecclesiae

What embryology informs us today about prenatal human life is an important factor in helping us to develop a theology of and devotion to the unborn Jesus. What the present Culture of Death informs us about the current disregard for life, especially in the womb, makes it both fitting and imperative that we look to that same unborn Jesus for redemption and hope.

George Peate has provided us with penetrating series of reflections over nine impressively researched chapters following the gestation of Mary’s child who, despite his apparent confinement, has much to teach our world that is waiting for a rebirth to a richer life. The unborn Jesus, praising God within the temple that is His mother, enhances the dignity of all unborn children. Human life is precious from the time of conception to natural death. Uterine life, however, is infinitely more precious than the low estimate the secular world assigns to it, for God, Himself, as Peate reminds us, chose that an unborn child named John the Baptist would be the first human being to greet and bear witness to the Messiah.

Read. Reflect. Reform. Renew. This book is both timely and timeless, as well as relevant and revelatory.

Dr. Donald DeMarco
Prof. Emeritus:
St. Jerome’s University
Adjunct Prof:
Holy Apostles College & Seminary,
Mater Ecclesiae











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UNBORN WORD ALLIANCE is an organization dedicated to honoring the Unborn Christ Child and promoting the Gospel of Life through literary and media projects, seminars and diverse spiritual endeavors. We believe all Christians can discover great spiritual hope as they reflect upon the first nine months of the Incarnation Mission and turn with trust, prayer, devotion and thanksgiving to Unborn Jesus. In honoring Unborn Jesus our Lord we are also reminded of the dignity of all unborn children created in Godís likeness and image.

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