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Annunciation / Incarnation II:  First Words of Jesus

The AnnunciationConsequently, when Christ came into the world, he said, “Sacrifices and offerings thou hast not desired, but a body hast thou prepared for me;
in burnt offerings and sin offerings thou hast taken no pleasure. Then I said, “Lo, I have come to do Thy will, O God,’ as it is written of me in the roll of the book.”
(Heb 10:5 7)

Pope Paul VI referred to this prayer as "the fundamental offering that the Incarnate Word made to the Father when He entered the world”.

Pope Paul VI
Devotion To The Blessed Virgin Mary

“A Man God who, from the first moment of His conception, offers Himself to His Father. This is to teach us that there is not a single moment of our lives that does not belong to God.”

Spiritual Exercises Of St. Ignatius
(New York: Frederick Pustet & Co., 1914)

“We ought not to consider Christ's Sacrifice as offered only at the time of the Passion. Christ is a Victim from the moment of the Incarnation, and it is as Victim that He offers Himself.... He accepted to fulfill all that was decreed: He said to His Father: "Behold I come": Ecce venio. The initial act of offering whereby He wholly yielded Himself up, virtually contained all His sacrifice....” .

Blessed Columba Marmion, O.S.B.
Christ The Ideal Of The Monk

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