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Mary“Mary and Joseph needed to be instructed concerning Christ’s birth before He was born, because it devolved on them to show reverence to the child conceived in the womb, and to serve Him even before He was born.”

St. Thomas Aquinas, O.P.
Summa Theologica, III, Q. 36, art. 2, ad 2.

"The Virgin is involved with Jesus and she is the only one in the whole world involved with Jesus. Thus she is the only one in the whole world adoring the mystery of the Incarnation, which was brought about on earth for the earth but unknown to the earth. She is the only one adoring Jesus. The more that she is the only one captivated by such a great subject, the greater is her involvement. She is devoted to it with all her faculties. All her senses are brought to bear on it, for it is a tangible mystery and tangible within her. All her senses should pay homage to her God made tangible for human nature. Her whole mind is concentrated on it. And the Spirit of Jesus, which enlivens this little divinized body, enlivens the spirit and body of the Virgin as well, through grace, love and a holy, gentle influence."

Cardinal Berulle (1575-1629)

Cardinal Berulle"She bears the impression of and a share in his divine actions. She exists not through her own light and love, but through the light, love and activity of Jesus who draws her into union with himself. He also draws her out of herself and her own interior actions so that she might live in him and be the bearer of his holy activities through a sort of gentle, exalted and powerful impression by which the Mother is enraptured by her Son, the Virgin by Jesus. Thus Jesus is living in the Virgin and hers is the first soul in which he established his life. The Virgin’s proper role is to be attentive to the interior and spiritual life of her Son and to be a pure capacity for Jesus, filled with Jesus."

Cardinal Berulle (1575-1629)

“The flame of fire in the burning bush was a figure of Jesus in Mary’s sacred womb…. So He still speaks as if concealed in Mary’s womb…”.

Richard F. Clarke, S.J.
The Coming Of Christ

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