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Cardinal Berulle“He is in her as in a temple where He praises and adores God; where He offers His respects to the eternal Father, not only for Himself but for every creature. It is a holy and sacred temple where Jesus dwells, the true ark of the true covenant. It is the first AND HOLIEST TEMPLE OF JESUS.”

Cardinal Berulle

"...construct a biography of the Eternal Word during those Nine Months in Mary's Bosom. His chief and sovereign occupation was in adoring God......in the first moment of the Incarnation, not only were the amazing decrees of everlasting wisdom fulfilled, and creation with incredible magnificence completed, but the creation thus completed turned round as it were to the Face of the Creator, and worshipped him with a worship equal to himself......He saw reasons we can never see for adoring God......This was his incessant occupation. All other occupations centered in this, resolved themselves into this, and identified themselves with this. It is the single occupation, of which the rest are manifold developments. Hence also, as we shall see hereafter, he occupied himself with rejoicing in his created nature, and not least of all because, by its seeing God clearly, it possessed such an idea of worship, which the Hypostatic Union gave him the capabilities of satisfying."

Rev. Frederick W. Faber, C.O., D.D.

"He, in her, carried on the blessed converse with His Father; there was never any separation between Mary and the Blessed Fruit of her womb, Jesus. She would come back to Him with all the more joy, and tell Him what she had been doing and saying...When we think of Jesus praying for nine months to His Father, when we think of Mary's nine months' colloquy with Jesus, we begin to think that there is something wrong about our methods of prayer, that they need re modeling. Let us try to understand something of what His prayer was."

Mother St. Paul (1861-1940)
Ortus Christi

"...she pondered things over in her heart, that is, she talked about them with her Divine Guest."

Mother St. Paul (1861-1940)
Ortus Christi

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