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The Visitation

The Visitation“And when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb…” (Lk 1:41)

The Word was in Mary's womb. He inspired His Mother to visit Elizabeth; Mary carried to John his Master and King. John could not come, for his mother was too old to undertake that journey; Jesus Christ went to him. He did the same for us: we could not go to God; God came to us.”

St. Peter Julian Eymard

"We can feel the rush of warmth and kindness, the sudden urgency of love that sent that girl hurrying over the hills. 'Those days' in which she rose on that impulse were the days in which Christ was being formed in her, the impulse was His impulse."

Caryll Houselander
The Reed of God

”One of the most beautiful moments in history was that when pregnancy met pregnancy when child bearers became the first heralds of the King of Kings."

Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Ph.D., D.D.
The World's First Love

"John was "filled with the Holy Spirit even from his mother's womb" by Christ himself, whom the Virgin Mary had just conceived by the Holy Spirit. Mary's visitation to Elizabeth thus became a visit from God to his people."


"Truly He is in haste to be about His Father's business. Truly He is an impatient conqueror, to be thus early beginning His conquests, and laying the foundations of His world wide empire. He cannot bear to be in the world for even so short a while, but sin shall feel the weight of His unborn arm.....His first mission and ministry was in the womb, and the babe unborn the first conquest of His divine apostolate.....and the Unborn Child destroys the sin and abolishes the curse of the unborn child."

Father Faber
The Blessed Sacrament

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